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Family Dinner

Family Dinner – December 2019. Photo by Lanie

Once a month we get together for a family meal with the kids. Lanie got herself a film camera a while ago and tonight she brought it with her to take some family pictures. This has to be the first family photo of all of us in many years. Even Tubby got in on the action! Katie moved to Bogota, Colombia earlier in the year so this is the first time she’s been with us for a while too. She’s here on a quick visit to sort out a load of official paperwork in preparation for her next big adventure, which, if it all pans out is going to see her working abroad for a couple of years. In the meantime, she’s got to head back to Colombia, and then off on a Christmas vacation hiking in Peru.

I guess the rest of us ought to up our game a bit and follow her example by traveling more (and yes, I am wearing a camo jumper and shemagh, I was feeling cold).