Jun 06, 2019Bullet Journal Reboot

Picture of a Tekukor Dot Grid A6 notebook in a leather cover.
Bullet Journal Reboot – I’m trying to reboot my bullet journal with a new notebook: Tekukor Dot Grid A6 192 pages. Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Sometime earlier this year I lost my journaling mojo; it seems this is the year for losing various mojos. My Bullet Journal (BuJo) has been pretty much neglected and my personal journal has about one entry per month. That’s pretty dumb as my BuJo was working well and keeping things (and me) organized. I’ll admit my personal journal was getting a bit stale, but wisdom has it that things can get tough before a change, and maybe that’s where I’m headed.

In an attempt to rekindle at least the Bullet Journaling part of my journaling efforts I’ve invested in some fancy dot grid paper – Tekukor Dot Grid A6, 192 pages. I was going to cut the covers off, but as the notebook fits nicely in my leather cover with them in place I’ll leave them as-is for the moment.

Of course, now I’m confronted by blank notebook syndrome. That’s the reluctance to start using a notebook for fear of screwing it up. It’s a bit like parking a new car in an unused area of a parking lot or putting plastic covers on your furniture. Totally irrational, but nonetheless a real hurdle to overcome. However, I reckon I’ll slap that irrationality down as soon as I’ve decided how I’m going to use the notebook. Currently, I think that after several years of doing it ‘my way’ I’m going to give myself the challenge of a ‘pure form’ of Bullet Journaling as originally posited by Ryder Carroll. I’ll sleep on that idea and if I still fancy the challenge in the morning I’ll set it up.

Good night.

Close-up picture of a Tekukor Dot Grid A6 notebook showing the dot spacing and page numbering.
Tekukor Dot Grid A6 192 pages – Detail. Nifty it has page numbers. Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.
Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

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