Nov 02, 2019Blue Ball

Something different for a change …

As the sun drops lower with the advancing seasons we start to get some wonderful light in the kitchen and in the next room, which we often refer to as ‘The Sparkle Zone’ so called because of all the crystals hanging in the window to cast rainbows and other sparkly effects around the room.

I’d not long finished a late breakfast and I was sitting at the kitchen table entranced by the play of light filtering through the trees and the kitchen window mesh screen. The shadows were forming wonderful dancing patterns on a blue (lacrosse) ball Ginger had left on the table. The shadows really were shifting as fast as the video shows them, it was fascinating to watch. So much so that I was tempted to take a bit of time out to set up my tripod and film some short sequences of video.

Video’s on my mind as I’ve recently finished shooting and editing this year’s Diocesan Convention video, so I’m still familiar with the editing software.

You might be asking yourself why we have a lacrosse ball? It’s quite simple really. Ginger wedges the ball between her back and the wall and uses it to give herself an instant back massage. It’s great for relieving back pain.

And of course while I had the camera out I also took a couple of stills …

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