Oct 28, 2018Waiting

A picture showing the empty interior of Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Missouri, ready for a service on a Sunday.
Waiting — Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Missouri.

Trinity in Lebanon is one of my favorite churches to have to shoot in. It may just be that I’ve been lucky, but the lighting when I’ve been taking pictures here has been (appropriately) divine.

Today I was here to record a couple of video interviews, but the light was so pretty I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of (well a few) stock pictures. This is one of my favorites.

I should point out that I’m the (part-time) Communications Director, not the diocesan photographer — there isn’t one. Unless I can find a volunteer to take pictures I have to step into the breach, which can be problematical when I have other things I need to be doing at the same time. My friend Gary Z. does a great job handling the Kansas City churches when he can, but with 48 churches, spanning the state from top to bottom it’s a bit of an ask, especially as most events take place in the evenings or at weekends.

Three more of my favorite pictures from today

Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon, MIssouri.
Eucharist at Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Missouri.
Stained Glass window — Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Missouri.
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