Sep 10, 2018Valance – Three Studies in Light

Valance – One

I think ‘three studies in light’ is a bit pretentious, as actually, nah, I was just trying to capture the essence of what I saw, there was little adjustment or studying regarding the light.

I’d been watching the light change for about half an hour as the sun came up through the mist. There was something ‘old world’ about the pattern, fabric, color and light that held my attention.

Valance – Two
Valance – Three

It was very humid over the weekend, as evidenced by the condensation on the window. (By the way. That’s not one of Jim and Carol’s house windows, we stayed in the ‘Little House’.)


We popped down to Thornfield to spend three days with Ginger’s parents. Our trip was delayed by a couple of days as I came down with a cold. I’ll admit to temporarily misplacing my photo Mojo again. It made a brief reappearance on Monday morning. There is quite a lot to come, as I took some pictures and video of Jim blacksmithing in the workshop.

Bonus picture. I loved the look of the scrunched up comforter on the bed.

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