June 16, 2018.This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan

This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan

When I cleared my office and changed the couch I did not anticipate the increased attention my office would get from the feline members of the family.

This morning Sprinky upped the ante by discovering a way up onto my desk. She has spent the best part of the last four  eight fourteen hours sprawled under my monitor, despite my best attempts to dissuade her by listening to Spotify at high volume.

Her presence would be fine if I didn’t have to keep moving my stuff to stop her from accidentally pushing things off the desk. Not to mention treading on the scanner on-off button, and sitting/walking on the touch-sensitive Wacom Tablet (I’ve since turned the touchpad mode off). Sitting on the scanner looking out of the window also appears to be another new popular pastime.

Office Couch Tri-Puss

I’m going to have to get some covers for the couch as they appear unable to stick to the cat-friendly — and Gary stress relieving — camo throw (FYI the throw is a beach towel).

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