Mar 09, 2018Day Hike on the Busiek Yellow Trail

Day Hike on the Busiek Yellow Trail

Ginger looking for color on a drab day. Copyright © 2018 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Today we decided to take one of the easier trails, and spend a bit of time looking around.

Today’s hike was a bit different. Different because we took the time to look around a bit more. We also switched to a much flatter route with easier trails.

Ginger set herself the task of try to find color in what started out as a very drab, low contrast, and monochromatic day. Later on in the hike, the sun broke through lifting the colors a bit. I decided to shoot in black and white (though when I do so the camera always keeps a full-color copy), so today’s pictures feature a lot of monochrome images. I also grabbed a lot of texture shots — just because you never know when a texture is going to come in handy, and it’s something I’ve lost the habit of doing.

Starting from the Eastern Trailhead, we crossed Woods Fork via the bridge and then hiked the Yellow Trail up past the Carter Family Cemetery, along the ridge, and then across the glades. We decided to take the closed ‘Van Trail’ to get to the Falls and see if they were running. They weren’t. We then cut back and Crossed Woods Fork via the Yellow Trail Short Cut — which cuts off the part of the Yellow / Silver trail that climbs up the ridge past the ‘Lightning Tree‘ and ‘Cactus Glade‘.

We stopped for lunch at Woods Fork. The lower ground took quite a beating during the recent rain and this area must have looked very impressive when Woods Fork flooded, it would have been at least a quarter mile wide when it was fully running. (We could see that the Eastern Parking lot had been under water too.)

The hike back from Woods Fork is pretty much flat, and apart from where we had to ford Woods Creek again, I didn’t take any more pictures — except one just below the bridge by the parking lot. That picture I took looking downstream because there was a bunch of people and kids in the creek upstream.

The trails starting at the eastern parking lot are far more popular than the westside or the south side. Often while hiking Silver (south side) we won’t see another person. We met at least a dozen people on the trail today and saw at least as many other people down by the creek at the parking lot, which was quite full when we left.

According to my ‘phone’s GPS, the hike was 3.64 miles and we managed our usual (slow hiking) pace of 1.1 miles per hour, which is explained by the frequent stops to look at stuff and take pictures.

Copyright © 2018 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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