Feb 17, 2017Writing Desk at Storybook Barn

Writing Desk at Storybook Barn

Photograph of a writing table or desk in a rustic environment

I like this crop so much I wish I’d taken this as a separate picture. However, the wider shots I took came out pretty good too. It was a bit of a nuisance shooting into the light like that and required a fair bit of post-processing to remove the worst effects of the excessive light.

If one is serious about this type of picture you either use HDR – I didn’t have a tripod with me so that was out of the question, or you can fit a dark film outside the window, I didn’t have any film either. So post-processing it was. No surprises that the HDR option is most popular. Fitting film is a trick sometimes used in video production.    

Photograph of a writing desk in a rustic environment
Photograph of a writing desk in a rustic environment

Their website: www.storybookbarnmo.com

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