Feb 22, 2017Too Many Cat Pictures

The trouble is the cats are a constant source of amusement – so you cannot ignore them, or their strange foibles (and furballs).

Rather than make a load of separate posts here are some recent cat pictures.

Cat and Mouse

Tubby is pretty much blind and deaf. Sometimes it is hard to work out exactly what he thinks he is doing or watching.

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Sprinky (left) does not like Tubby (right). Which is not overly surprising. He can be an annoying character at times. So, to find them curled up together and not a hiss to be heard is very unusual.

I shouldn’t have left the box on the bed

This is the day-hike box. It holds the GPS, A headlamp, firesteel, mini hiking tripod, two emergency kits, and apparently one larger kitty.

Sleepy Mao in a box

I don’t think she was very impressed with my turning on the light and disturbing her to take pictures.

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