Nov 12, 2017Sunday Make & Mend – Weekly Journal Insert

Tools required to make a weekly Bullet Journal (bujo) insert.
Making my Weekly Insert

Today my Bullet Journal Ran out of Space.

It’s time to set up a new notebook. While I was doing that and setting up for the new week, I took some pictures to answer a question asked on one of the Facebook Groups I’m a member of. So here’s how I put together my bullet journal, along with how I hold my weekly inserts in place.

It is all very simple.

I have a gatefold insert I use each week for time recording and some basic planning. To state the obvious, I edit the insert for the right dates and print it on Inkjet paper (Inkjet paper is fountain pen friendly).

It only takes some basic tools to make:

  • a straight-edge,
  • cutting wheel (scissors would do),
  • corner trimmer,
  • cutting mat.

The template includes folding marks so I know where to make the folds. It typically takes less than five minutes to make my insert.

By the way, the big stack at the top of the picture is around 18 month’s worth of filled-in weekly inserts.

Holding a bullet journal - bujo - insert in place with shockcord.
The insert is held in place with 1mm shock cord
Weekly insert in place.
Inserting a new notebook into an A6 Bujo (Bullet Journal)
Inserting a Notebook into the leather cover. I also use 1mm shock cord to hold my notebooks in their leather cover

And that’s it …

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