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Southsea Beach

Black and white photograph of Southsea Beach, UK

Vacation Day 1 – The flight out, a walk to the beach, and beer.

The flight arrived early, immigration was a breeze, and our bag was one of the first on the carousel. So we had to wait for Robert to come and pick us up.

Once back in Portsmouth we took a short nap. We then decided that a visit to the beach was in order to stretch our legs and clear out the cobwebs.

Somehow, our feet led us into a pub … We couldn’t stay long, just enough time for a pint (or two) and a quick chat with Clive before we headed off for dinner with Gail and Robert.

Black and white photograph of Southsea Beach, UK

These four versions of the same picture are causing me a bit of a problem, as I like each one, and couldn’t pick out a clear favorite. Right now I’m favoring the crops, but in a few weeks? Who knows?   

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