October 25, 2017.Red Leaf

Red Leaf

Fall leaves on the ground featuring a single red leaf.

Today I was reminded of a lesson.

The lesson is more than adequately summed up in the old adage: “Pride comes before a fall…” I’ve been fairly happy with my photographic output of late. Today I sucked big-time. I took some still life pictures, they were terrible – I’d even gone to the trouble to set up a reflector for some fill-in lighting — all deleted.

I’ve also been working on a project for work – and if I took one picture to capture the image I wanted, I have taken 20. Now I’m not sure that I’ll use the couple I did get. While I was processing them I did some pixel peeking and discovered that the out-of-camera jpg files were in many ways better than the raw files processed in Lightroom — thanks, Adobe. I am not impressed.

Finally, I spotted this single red leaf while taking a quick walk out on the deck. I had visions of a brilliant picture; it wasn’t to be. Whatever I saw, I couldn’t capture it in post-production. So this is the best of a bad job that I refused to give up on.

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