Jan 03, 2017January 3. When your wife exclaims: “Shoot! That reminds me, I did buy you something for Christmas.”

Nineteen forties Ordnance Survey Map of the Solent Area in the UK.
Nineteen forties Map of the Solent Area. Copyright © 2017 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Today did not begin very well, my computer refused to start. The power was cycling on and off every few seconds. I suspected a faulty USB device, especially as I added two new (to my computer anyway) devices yesterday. Pulling out all the USB cables and devices didn’t fix it. Working on a hunch, I opened the machine up and proceeded to reseat all the boards and cables. Success! While I had the machine open I gave the insides a good clean.

As I had the vacuum cleaner out I thought I might as well make a mess and drill some holes in the underside of my desktop and sort out the cabling tangle under my desk.

With the cabling sorted, it occurred to me that I ought to finish moving my office furniture around, throw out some unused stuff that was collecting dust and give everything a good clean.

Four hours later I was all done and sitting back admiring my work when Ginger came in. I mentioned that I was keeping a load of maps to get them framed. Ginger suddenly exclaimed “Shoot!” or words to that effect, “That reminds me, I did buy you something for Christmas.” She disappeared off somewhere and when she came back, gave me a 1940s Ordnance Survey map of the Solent which she had found in an Ozarks flea market.

What a great find and an excellent present.

Copyright © 2017 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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