Aug 29, 2017Gary vs The Drier (Again)

Gary vs The Drier (Again)

I was told that there was a blue flash and a bang, and the dryer stopped working.

It didn’t take long with my faithful multimeter to work out there was an open circuit on the drier power supply — no real surprises there. The extent of the damage was quite impressive though. One of the wires and the mains connection block was damaged. The block had melted and the insulation was burned off of the wire.

For a small component, the connection block was surprisingly expensive to replace (Over $30.00). The repair wasn’t helped or speeded up by needing a special tool to crimp the cables onto the spade connectors.

I guess I need to make a diary note to check the connections once every now-and-then, as my best guess is that the problem was caused by the connection coming loose and overheating due to arcing.

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