Aug 25, 2016Terry


Black and White Photograph of Terry by Gary Allman

Sometimes the picture you end up with isn’t the picture you thought you were taking.

This was supposed to be a picture of two people, but this startling portrait was begging to be cropped out of the original image.

I visited Christ Episcopal Church in Springfield to take some pictures at a community dinner they were holding. Terry asked me to take his picture with Marilyn, one of the Christ Church volunteers. As often happens (when I take pictures anyway), hastily grabbed pictures don’t turn out. Someone turns, or blinks, or just pulls a strange face. There’s a good reason why I tend to take a lot of pictures when people and groups are involved; pixels are cheap and easy to sweep up off the editing room floor. And so it turned out this time. Marilyn turned as I took the picture, and she was too busy to try for a second shot (Over 180 meals were served during the evening). When I checked the pictures back home, I was glad that I positioned them where the fairly harsh window-light was filling in frame left, it really makes the picture – along with Terry’s very intense look.

Unfortunately I know nothing about Terry, except his name and the fact that he helped clear away tables and chairs at the end of the evening.

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