Year: 2016

Font and Flag Sometimes while I’m working I spot a picture that I want to take for myself, this is the second of the two pictures I took while documenting the area confirmation service at St. James’ here in Springfield.

Acolyte, First Cross – Confirmations – April 16, St. James’, Springfield

At my desk this morning – If I could just train Tubby to do my Facebook posting for me.

Four colored Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pens

Now I Have a Fancy Green Pen For My Fancy Green Ink – Recently Ginger’s become besotted with fountain pens, and unfortunately a little bit of her enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. One-minute read, 3 pictures

View through a Kaleidoscope eyepiece showing colored glass shards

Kaleidoscope – In a moment of idle speculation, I wondered what would happen if I stuck the camera lens up against the eyehole in our Kaleidoscope. Now I know!

Bookcase – Finished – I didn’t take a picture of the finished bookcase, so I took a couple today. 2 pictures

My Office Fur factory – When she’s not on my desk Blue Kitty spends most of her time pushing Zees and generating fur on my spare chair.

Morning Welcome – Most mornings this is how I am welcomed to my desk.

Sanctuary Lamp – Today I snuck into the church to take some test photographs. 7 pictures

There’s something very serene about the view across the darkened church from the sacristy door. It made a nice change for me to be taking pictures in the church just for myself rather than for some official diocesan or church event.

Altar at Christ Episcopal Church Springfield, Missouri – I took some time out today to take a few pictures at Christ Church. 7 pictures

Second Shoot of the Day – Jr. High Retreat – It was a questionable decision to do two photo shoots back to back with a new camera. But it turned out fine. One-minute read, 7 pictures

‘Compact’ Rental – One of the advantages of being a regular rental customer appears to be that one gets a rather large compact vehicle. 2 pictures

Bragging on Lanie – Lanie’s been very busy recently and we’re very proud of her. If you watch the video you’ll see why. What she didn’t mention in the video is that she is maintaining her grades and she is still involved at church. Video: 3 minutes & 4 pictures

Spirit Magazine – Volume 8 Issue 2. April 2016 – My contribution to this issue was: Editor, design, layout, editorial (page 3). Photographs: cover, pages 3 & 19.

Cat Food – Apparently our dinner plans for tonight have changed.

My Preferred Technology … contrasted with the technology I actually use to get my work done.

The End of an Era. Fujifilm X-E2s and Nikon D7000 – Today I retire my DLSR, and say welcome to my new Fujifilm X-E2s mirrorless camera. Five-minute read

Coincidences – In one of life’s little coincidences, last night while working on de-cluttering I chanced upon my father’s (rather sparsely populated) sailing logbook.

Monster School Bus – I’m guessing (and hoping) that this bus has something to do with the St. Patrick’s Day parade due to take place in Lexington later in the day. 3 pictures

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