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Year: 2016

No remote shutter release this year, which meant I had to do the 10-second timer dash and hope the picture was okay. I’ve since bought a wireless shutter release which is much better than the infrared one I used with the Nikon.

Ginger asked me to take a picture of her and the kids, so here’s my wonderful wife with Alek, Katie, and Lanie.

Matt raked up the leaves and the kids decided to make a leaf fort from the pile.

Photograph of Mr. Getzger Cat sitting on the kitchen counter.

The cats all know that they are not allowed on the kitchen table while we are eating. Mostly they are pretty good about it. Mr. Cat likes to sit here and keep an eye on what’s going on, and be ready should scraps of food be offered or neglected long enough for him to mount …

Getzger Cat on the Kitchen Counter Read More »

We found this great video on YouTube. It shows Lanie performing in Big Fish.

I love black and White photography. It’s my prefered medium for portraits. But most people expect color pictures so now-a-days I tend to go with color and make the B&W copies for myself. Color is especially expected with the theater 15 pictures

Another great performance, and this time we were joined by Ginger’s parents, and Susan, Dennis, Matt, and Betsy. This was the first time the Fuji has malfunctioned. Partly user error, partly something I’ve not got to the bottom of. My error was replacing the SD Card with an 8GB slow card. I have no idea …

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Lanie had an ensemble role in this year’s school musical – Big Fish. She had seven costumes and 14 costume changes … [46 pictures]

A carpet of full leaves in a painterly view of browns and yellows

A Carpet of Fall Leaves. I really like the full frame version of this image, but I love how this close-in crop brings out what I call a ‘painterly rendering’ from the camera. 2 pictures

Picture of a tre with bright yellow fall foliage

I would much rather be outside kicking through the leaves than sitting at my desk. Fall has finally arrived at the tree outside my office window.

Well I think that’s about as good as I’m going to get with a 135mm lens. The moon was too high in the sky to picture it against a background, so no helpful foreground features to give it scale. I have to say it doesn’t look any bigger or brighter to my eye.

Photograph of the November 13, 2016 Supermoon.

This came out a lot better than I expected and deserved. I might even be prompted to make a second attempt. This Supermoon for some reason (unknown and not researched by me) is also known as a Beaver Moon. I took the picture solely for the boyish delight of being able to say “Nice Beaver.” …

Supermoon – Nice Beaver (Moon) Read More »

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