Year: 2016

A carpet of full leaves in a painterly view of browns and yellows

A Carpet of Fall Leaves. I really like the full frame version of this image, but I love how this close-in crop brings out what I call a ‘painterly rendering’ from the camera. 2 pictures

Picture of a tre with bright yellow fall foliage

I would much rather be outside kicking through the leaves than sitting at my desk. Fall has finally arrived at the tree outside my office window.

Well I think that’s about as good as I’m going to get with a 135mm lens. The moon was too high in the sky to picture it against a background, so no helpful foreground features to give it scale. I have to say it doesn’t look any bigger or brighter to my eye.

Photograph of the November 13, 2016 Supermoon.

This came out a lot better than I expected and deserved. I might even be prompted to make a second attempt. This Supermoon for some reason (unknown and not researched by me) is also known as a Beaver Moon. I took the picture solely for the boyish delight of being able to say “Nice Beaver.” …

Supermoon – Nice Beaver (Moon) Read More »

My Homemade 'Faux Dori' Journal

My Homemade ‘Faux Dori’ Journal – This is my ‘Every Day Carry’ journal. I made it small enough to go everywhere with me. It fits in (most of) my pants’ pockets. Two-minute read, +2

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated – Phew, that’s a relief. 2 pictures

One day I’ll grow up. But not today. Thanks to Leslie Nielsen I’m giggling at the thought of the up-coming Beaver Moon.

At the going down of the sun – and in the morning, we will remember them.

Monochrome image of a Swirly Fluorescent light bulb

I saw the swirly bulb and light fitting, and felt compelled to take this picture. There is no more to it than that. Is this a harbinger of a photo-mojo revival? Then my frivolous side wants to say: “don’t call me Swirly.”

Fujifilm XE2s Camera with 35mm F2 WR lens, and 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OIS WR

Time to start zooming with my feet. I love my Fujinon 18-135mm OIS WR zoom lens with image stabilization. But it is big and heavy. A $100 price reduction saw this Fujinon 35mm F2.0 WR lens coming my way.

A day hike on the Busiek Orange and White trails. +19

That moment when you congratulate yourself on losing 10 lbs … and then realize you have another 16 lbs to go.

That Moment when … standing in the shower you realize that the hot water heater is out and there’s no hot water.

Jim is submitting this sculpture for a silent auction in aid of the Ozarks Regional Arts Council. The only requirement is that the piece has to fit inside a six-inch cube.

Black and White Photograph of Terry by Gary Allman

Sometimes the picture you end up with isn’t the picture you thought you were taking.

Tubby Back-lit – Tubby (a.k.a. Rotters) was sitting on the end of the bed and I rather liked the back lighting. I thought I’d try a grab a picture. 2 pictures

July 21 I took Luke for an afternoon kayaking on the James River at Springfield, Missouri +11.

Color, night photograph of an oil lamp, leather bound journal and a cold drink

Evening Pleasures – An oil lamp, my journal, and unusually for me, a rum and Coke. All by the chiminea. +2

Photograph of wood buring inside a chiminea

Despite the heat we decided to light the chiminea. Ginger went off to bed early and I stayed out contemplating my navel, life, the universe, and everything. Fire is so addictive and soothing. I really enjoy the chiminea.

Fr. Jonathan Frazier, Rector, St. Peter & All Saints, Kansas City, Missouri. This was a picture I took partly for work, and partly for myself.

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