May 19, 2016English Breakfast

English Breakfast

Weston-super-Mare Breakfast – This has to be done every once in a while. Copyright © 2016 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Vacation Day 3 – A hearty breakfast

This is not quite what I would call a full English breakfast as it was missing black pudding. It was a very nice breakfast though, complete with a cup of tea. It was a good start for a busy day. A busy day that included a drive to Cheddar Gorge, a trip to Bath where we spent many hours touring the Roman Baths, and we then had a look around Bath Abbey. We also managed to fit in a row over navigation in Swansea, and ended up somewhere, I can’t remember but it was a God forsaken place, which did at least have an Indian restaurant. The evening’s entertainment was provided by an odd dispute between the restaurant staff and a belligerent customer who was much the worse for drink. It finally verged on fisticuffs and the farcical.

Tomorrow we head up to north Wales.

Copyright © 2016 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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