The new flame of the Easter Vigil

Photograph of The new flame of the Easter Vigil, used to light the candles before the Easter Vigil service at Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield, MIssouri. Easter 2014.
The new flame of the Easter Vigil

I was looking for a cover picture for the April issue of Spirit

I took this photograph a year ago and it’s been residing in my archives ever since. My search for something relevant and cover-worthy eventually uncovered it. This seems to be a recurring theme at the moment; going back and seeing potential in pictures I’ve previously discarded.

I’m really pleased with the way the issue turned out, definitely my best so far. I needed an extra four pages to fit in all the content, and the editorial calendar is starting to fill up for the next twelve months which is fantastic news. I’ve already got one article on hand for the December issue!

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