Aug 17, 2015Sailing on Stockton Lake, Missouri

Sailing on Stockton Lake, Missouri
Sailing on Stockton Lake, Missouri

John was kind enough to invite me sailing again.

A gentle 4-7 mph breeze was predicted and, for the first part of our sail, that’s what we got. As the day went on the wind become increasingly fickle and we ended up drifting around a bit. Well, that’s my excuse for the GPS track. Looking at the video it looks like I wasn’t paying enough attention to the tell-tails, as those sails look to be sheeted in far too tight for the wind direction.

We started off heading south and got as far as the bridge pretty quick. We probably put a jinx on things by daring to think that we could make this a two bridge trip – sailing up to the bridge at the north end of the lake. Once the wind died it wasn’t going to happen. Oh well. I had a good time with good company.   

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