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Year: 2015

Clue: The Musical – Tonight we watched Lanie play Miss Scarlet 8 Pictures

This is what three big plastic bins and ten cardboard boxes of books look like. My books arrived along with my other possessions on January 12, 2009. At that time we had nowhere to put them and they’ve stayed in boxes in the garage ever since. When we put up the dividing wall, Ginger’s books …

Uh-oh! Looks like we need more bookcases Read More »

Back to the Bookcases – (See what I did there?) Today I got a chance to put the final coat of varnish on the backs of the bookcases. Then this evening I indulged myself with an orgy of nailing with the nail gun. It’s starting to look a lot like my plan. 2 pictures

Three Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures – No fish at all today.

Fall at Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri – The Fall color has really come along the past couple of weeks. 3 pictures

Clouds reflected in Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri USA

Fishing on Pomme de Terre Lake – Working for yourself has its disadvantages and advantages. Seven day weeks and long hours are a couple of the disadvantages. One of the advantages is that when a friend asks if I want to go fishing, with a bit of re-arranging, I can ‘Hang spring cleaning’ and be free to go. One-minute read, 9 pictures

Now these are out of the workshop I can stain and varnish the backs. Once they are fitted I’ve just got the edge trim to make and fit. Of course, now I know why I’ve been putting this job off. It wasn’t the nigh on $400 of materials, nor the two days spent cutting all …

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Today I was off to Carthage first thing to grab a couple of interviews on video. While I was there I took a couple of pictures of the YMC and Diocesan Council. It made a nice change to be there just to take pictures (okay video) and not be attending to talk or take part. …

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Now the musical has begun I can show this re-processed picture. This is my attempt at a fairly quick edit of a green screen picture Lanie sent to me. So, to be clear, this is not my picture of Lanie, I just post-processed it. I can see sooo many errors in my processing, but I …

Miss Scarlet. Clue: The Musical Read More »

Portrait picture of Lanie and Getzger Cat

Testing some new lights with Lanie and Getzger’s help. It’s a shame the depth of field is just too shallow, one of Lanie’s eyes is slightly out of focus. I couldn’t get the pair of them to stay still long enough for a decent picture.

Building an eight foot long, recessed bookcase for the hall. 4 pictures

Blue Kitty on my desk (again) – Hopefully I don’t need to write any notes this morning.

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