Sep 05, 2015An Evening Fishing on Stockton Lake

Twilight at Stockton lake
Twilight at Stockton lake

I was hoping for another really stunning sunset,

it wasn’t to be. It was pretty but not a really knock you off your feet affair. I was also hoping to catch some fish, and that wasn’t to be either…I had a couple of bites, but I was late striking and missed them. The good news is that Tom got a couple of nice sized bass – 12″-13″.

For a change we had two boats, and taking a picture from a fast moving boat of another fast moving boat at sunset wasn’t easy, even at a 1/600 of a second the picture I got wasn’t as sharp as I’d like. Both boats had trolling motor problems. Tom’s battery was flat. Scott and Dash had what they presumed to be a wiring problem. Tom used what little juice there was and we drifted around a bit. Fortunately, the other batteries were fine, so we had lights and power to start the engine.

I discovered a new use for the GPS – finding your way back to the put-in when it is dark. I’m sure Tom didn’t need it, but it made it a lot easier to locate the correct ‘crinkle’ in the side of the lake. Again, I noticed how accurate the GPS has become. Back at the put-in the track is about ±2′. Either there are more satellites or they’ve removed the inbuilt inaccuracy in the satellite signals.

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