Breakfast in America

Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes

Year: 2015

Gun Safe

I don’t think I need to add anything…

Lanie & Ginger

Now let’s add in some cats…

Another Lighting Set-up Shot

The Perils of a Home Office

Nail Gun

Blue and Yellow

Diocesan Convention – ERD Workshop

Clue: The Musical – Closing Night

Clue: The Musical

Uh-oh! Looks like we need more bookcases

Back to the Bookcases

Fishing Lures

Fall at Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri

Fishing on Pomme de Terre Lake

Bookcases – First Fit

YMC and Diocesan Council

Miss Scarlet. Clue: The Musical

Lanie & Getzger

Building Bookcases

Hopefully I don’t need to write any notes this morning

Lanie’s Induction into the National Honor Society

Hurricane Lamp

The start of the evening

A corner of my desk is forever Blue Kitteh’s

An Evening Fishing on Stockton Lake

School Open House

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