Hand-made bolt-down steel gun safe.

Jim made me this wonderful ‘bolt-down” gun safe for Christmas. Plenty of room in there for all the ammo I received too.

So much click-bait, so little time…

Are Microsoft killing off the desktop version of Outlook by making it unusable?

Ginger and Lanie did some posing while I set up the lighting ready to take some pictures of the kids later this evening.

Now let’s add in some cats… Sprinkles has a look I have more often seen in classical paintings. This shot should probably be in a caption competition. +1

Microsoft – reducing grown men to tears since 1975.

Photograph of three cats sitting on a desk.

The Perils of a Home Office – Sometimes it gets a little busy at my desk. It is also difficult to keep one’s desk tidy when there is someone sleeping on the papers most of the time.

Photograph of a compressed air nail gun and eight gallon air storage tank

Have I ever mentioned how much I like my nail gun?

Photograph showing the wonderful blues of our blue bottle tree against the bright fall yellow of a Sweet Gum tree (Portrait orientation)

The wonderful blues of our blue bottle tree against the bright fall yellow of the Sweet Gum tree in our front yard.

Diocesan Convention – ERD Workshop – These pictures serve to prove that on occasion I leave the confines of my office and venture out into the real world to do some work. Two-minute read, 5 pictures

Clue: The Musical – Closing Night – Tonight we watched Lanie play Miss Scarlet 31 Pictures

Clue: The Musical – Tonight we watched Lanie play Miss Scarlet 8 Pictures

Uh-oh! It looks like we need more bookcases. 2 pictures

Back to the Bookcases – (See what I did there?) Today I got a chance to put the final coat of varnish on the backs of the bookcases. Then this evening I indulged myself with an orgy of nailing with the nail gun. It’s starting to look a lot like my plan. 2 pictures

Three Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures – No fish at all today.

Fall at Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri – The Fall color has really come along the past couple of weeks. 3 pictures

Clouds reflected in Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri USA

Fishing on Pomme de Terre Lake – Working for yourself has its disadvantages and advantages. Seven day weeks and long hours are a couple of the disadvantages. One of the advantages is that when a friend asks if I want to go fishing, with a bit of re-arranging, I can ‘Hang spring cleaning’ and be free to go. One-minute read, 9 pictures

Bookcases – First Fit – Now these are out of the workshop I have space to stain and varnish the backs. 3 pictures

YMC and Diocesan Council – Today I was off to Carthage first thing to grab a couple of interviews on video. +3

Miss Scarlet. Clue: The Musical – Now the musical has begun I can show this re-processed picture

Portrait picture of Lanie and Getzger Cat

Testing some new lights with Lanie and Getzger’s help. It’s a shame the depth of field is just too shallow, one of Lanie’s eyes is slightly out of focus. I couldn’t get the pair of them to stay still long enough for a decent picture.

Building an eight foot long, recessed bookcase for the hall. 4 pictures

Blue Kitty on my desk (again) – Hopefully I don’t need to write any notes this morning.

This evening Lanie was inducted into the National Honor Society. Well done Lanie!!

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