Jun 29, 2014Some Crafting and a Barbecue

Some Crafting and a Barbecue

Dee, Jan, Ginger and Lanie do some crafting
Dee, Jan, Ginger, and Lanie do some crafting

Vacation Day 25 – I think the correct order was a Barbecue then some crafting

We’ve already met Bob and Ann, Roy and Jan are also life-long friends. Here’s a picture of us all way back in the early nineties. Roy, Bob and I went to college together. We’ve been through some interesting ‘scrapes’, most of which might be better forgotten. Though there was that time – on the day Elvis died – that Roy set fire to his entire backyard; not bad for a fireman. Oh, and I mustn’t forget the indoor snowball fight. As Roy’s parents have now passed on, I can also mention attempting to burn out the clutch on their car towing a Jag in the early hours of the morning. As I said, probably best left in the past.

Roy and Jan’s daughter, Dee and her family also came to visit, Dee is my God Daughter. I would have to admit to slacking on her religious upbringing, but that’s worked out fine, so kudos to me for knowing when to leave things well alone. (Ha!) After lunch, all the ladies retired to do some crafts while I rested my eyelids. I’m pretty sure Roy did so too.

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