Year: 2014

Musing on music to listen to, I remembered a haunting piece from the movie 2001. Lots of reading later I found it. (Music track on You Tube)

Getzger cat in another unusual pose

Mr. Getzger Cat does it again – I’m not sure if it looks like Getzger is a contortionist or if it looks like he’s in the act of smothering another cat…

Overnight is snowed 6″-9″ and Church has been cancelled so we’re having a quiet snow day. Lanie made breakfast, and I popped out very briefly to take an obligatory snow picture.

Snow on the street in Springfield Missouri - January 2, 2014

It’s looking pretty out the front today. First school day of 2014 and we had an inch or so of snow overnight. Looks nice but it’s jolly cold.

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