Year: 2014

Vacation Day 5 – D-Day Celebrations and an Evening Meal – Gail organized a trip to the common to take part in some of the weekend’s D-Day celebrations. We enjoyed an afternoon of forties music, British food, sunshine and people watching. +7

A day out with friends of the family – Vacation Day 4 – Off to Dorset with Mick. I’ve known Mick and his parents since I was an infant, so that’s a long time. Leaving people behind is one of the hard things to live with when you emigrate. Which makes it all so much the better when we get a chance to meet up.

Lanie gets to ride in a double-decker bus… – Vacation Day 3 – A walk along the seafront, and the D-Day 75th Anniversary. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Fratton – Portsmouth UK.

Fratton – Portsmouth UK – I cannot resist an architectural shot every now and then, and this was one of those times.

Vacation Days 1 & 2 – Springfield to Havant Our trans-Atlantic transport at Dallas Forth Worth Airport. Rebbie gave us a lift to Springfield regional airport, and this time I managed to board the plane without breaking my camera. I did (as usual) have trouble getting through security. It seems they don’t get many DSLRs. …

First leg complete, now to hop across ‘the pond’ Read More »

Lanie’s High School Orchestra Concert. 4 pictures

The Grandparents visited today and Lanie and Jim put on an impromptu concert.

Easter Vigil.

Photograph of a Glock 17 Semiautomatic 9mm handgun.

Glock 17 – Another good thing about having visitors from the UK is that I can ask my friends if I can borrow their handguns to take down the range. 2 pictures

Photograph of a Beretta 92FS, Hammer cocked, safety off.

Beretta 92FS- Compared to the Glock the Beretta just screams finish and quality. 2 pictures

Lanie and Getzger asleep on our bed.

Guess where we are going… – Now my grandson has arrived and Lanie’s been told, it’s safe to let everyone know that we’ll be going to the UK in June.

Making the bed – When Ginger said “Make the bed.” I’m pretty sure this is what she had in mind. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Lanie fell asleep on our bed while cuddling Tubby – It seems a certain young lady is rather tired.

It’s Lanie’s Birthday – Today we celebrated Lanie’s birthday, and told her we are taking her with us to England. 6 pictures

Happy Birthday Ezekiel – “Zeke” -welcome to the newest arrival to the family, a new cousin, Ezekiel born in the early hours of this morning. 7 pictures

Blue Kitty – Filed – Blue Kitty was just reminding me I can’t leave any cupboard, or the filing cabinet open nor any bag or container out.

Because you watched…. – This Netflix screen made us laugh.

Mr. Getzger cat looking serious in a black and white picture

A serious looking Getzger Cat

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