Year: 2014

Ginger Grouse – Being thirsty we visited a local pub after our hike. Ginger had to try this drink, and the bottle came all the way back to the US with us.

Lanie Meets Some Scottish Donkeys – Lanie never bothered to ask Uncle Keith why he’d brought carrots on a hike. 7 pictures

Balcary Bay Hike – Vacation Day 17 – A hike at Balcary Bay and the Solway Firth Coast. 10 pictures

Twighlight on the River Nith.

An evening visit to Caerlaverock Castle – Vacation Day 16 – Scotland, and some time with my uncle. One-minute read, 7 pictures

Grasmere in the Lake District – Vacation Day 16 – Having taken our leave of Penny we headed North. By fitting in a couple of days in Wales we’d lost some time we’d planned to spend in the Lake District / Scotland. 7 pictures

Vacation Day 16 – We set off to Scotland via the Lake District Another long driving day today. We aim to be staying with my Uncle Keith in Scotland tonight.

Vacation Day 14 – A drive across the country In the morning we took the boat sailing and went down towards East Somerton. I decided to cut the trip short as I was concerned about turning the boat around at the narrow staithe in the windy conditions. So we went back to the boat yard, …

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Vacation Day 13 – We went to the Nelson Head for dinner The beer and the food were very good. The beer was so good I had to try another pint. Sepia seemed to be a very appropriate treatment for this picture with all the old guns and such adorning the ceilings and walls behind …

My first ‘real’ pint in three years Read More »

Gary and Ginger on the beach near Horsey, Norfolk – Lanie borrowed my camera and took these pictures. I really like them. 3 pictures

It was too windy to try sailing with an inexperienced crew, so we went to the beach instead. 9 pictures

Watching The Weather – Vacation Day 12 – Tied up for the night. 2 pictures

Vacation Day 12 – We hired a sailboat in the vain hope of getting in some sailing. +3

Vacation Day 11 – St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds We arrived at the cathedral just a few minutes before they closed it for the day. Unfortunately that didn’t leave a lot of time to take pictures.  

Here we have a picture of Lanie taken during a stop for tea at Bury St Edmunds. There’s really not a lot else I can say…

Lanie’s First Knickerbocker Glory – Vacation Day 10 – Lunch & Tea

My son’s friend joined us for lunch. We’ve not seen him since August 2009, when they popped into Springfield on a surprise second visit during their 3 month tour of the US. 2 pictures

Some Nostalgia for Lanie – Vacation Day 9 – Saint Nicholas’ Church, Great Hormead. 5 pictures

A Short Stay in London – Vacation Day 7. Our plan was to visit the National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Tower of London. 13 pictures

Vacation Day 6 – Portsmouth Historic Dockyard We caught the train to Portsmouth Harbour and after a minor mix-up managed to meet up with Robert to visit the dockyard. We crammed far too much in, what with HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and the Mary Rose. The day started with an attack of cuteness on HMS …

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