June 13, 2014.Some Nostalgia for Lanie

Some Nostalgia for Lanie

St. Nicholas' Church, Great Hormead
St. Nicholas’ Church, Great Hormead

Vacation Day 9 – Saint Nicholas’ Church, Great Hormead

Today we rented a car and embarked on two-and-a-half weeks of traveling around the county. First, we’re on our way to see my son and his family. We’ve visited my old haunts before, but I thought it’d be nice for Lanie to see some of them on our way. Our first stop was my old Senior School. I didn’t take any pictures as it’s not changed since I last took pictures of it in 2007. Then we took Lanie to see the village I grew up in and went for a look in the church.

Link: My earlier pictures of Saint Nicholas’

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