Jun 22, 2014Lanie on the Mote of Mark (Hike: Kippford to Rockcliffe)

Lanie on the Mote of Mark, between Kippford and Rockcliffe. Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Vacation Day 18 – Our last day with Uncle Keith and another hike…

The day after tomorrow we have to be in Bristol for an afternoon meeting. Then we travel on to Cornwall. So tomorrow we are heading back down south. In the meantime, we went on another short hike taking in the Mote of Mark. After the Mote of Mark we went down to Rockcliffe and spent a pleasant hour or more relaxing on the beach while Lanie did some beachcombing and hunting for crabs.

The walk back to Kippford was along the coast, a lot less hilly, and easy-going. Once more Uncle Keith impressed Lanie. This time there were no donkeys, but, he showed us a house with a garden decorated with flotsam. Back in Kippford we had some very nice ice cream to round off the hike.

Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.


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