Jun 09, 2014Lanie on HMS Warrior

Lanie on HMS Warrior

Lanie on HMS Warrior

Vacation Day 6 – Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

We caught the train to Portsmouth Harbour and after a minor mix-up managed to meet up with Robert to visit the dockyard. We crammed far too much in, what with HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and the Mary Rose.

The day started with an attack of cuteness on HMS Warrior. Some visiting school kids recognized Robert and were falling over themselves to say hello. I’m pretty sure Robert was mumbling something about not being able to get away from work even on a day off.

Ginger and I have visited HMS Warrior and HMS Victory before and it was great to be back. Lanie found it all very interesting. We spent a long time looking over the three ships. The Mary Rose museum was new to us all. I was surprised just how big she was.

Some Family History. Back in the seventies I did some voluntary work for the Mary Rose conservation team with my father. If I remember correctly, we installed hydrogen lines for special ovens used in the conservation process. It was a fascinating experience as there were hundreds of arrows being preserved in large flat bowls of what looked like water. There were also a couple of cannons waiting to go into the big vertical ovens. I was lucky enough to be out on the Solent watching from a friend’s boat the first time they tried to raise the Mary Rose. There was a problem at the end of the day, with the whole structure slipping with a huge shudder. We got to see her break the surface even if we weren’t there when she was raised and towed to shore.

Lanie on HMS Warrior

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