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A day out with friends of the family

Alma, Mick and Lanie at Hobby Craft
Alma, Mick and Lanie at Hobby Craft

Vacation Day 4 – Off to Dorset with Mick

I’ve known Mick and his parents since I was an infant, so that’s a long time. Leaving people behind is one of the hard things to live with when you emigrate. Which makes it all so much the better when we get a chance to meet up.

It was super to be spoiled, reminisce, and learn things about my parents and my youth. Lanie seemed to enjoy it. Ginger as always liked getting someone to fill in details on my background. Unfortunately, I was, and remain, ignorant on such matters.

Mick and I did some running around (well fast walking actually) before lunch. In the afternoon we visited HobbyCraft, where Ginger wanted to do some business research, checking out what crafting supplies are available in the UK.   

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