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Year: 2014

I was under orders from Ginger to take a picture of Lanie in her Christmas finery, I also had a request from the Altar Guild to make sure I got a picture of the altar with all the poinsettias…

Shopping at Ikea We almost bought more than we could carry. It took a little bit of juggling to get everything in the van but we managed it. Just.

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it

Maine Coon cat wearing a red Santa Suite

Which explains why Ginger and Lanie took so long on the school run this afternoon, obviously some shopping was involved somewhere along the way.

This was my first annual convention as Director of Communications with the diocese. I decided to relinquish my camera to be available to help wherever I was needed. That meant I got to roll up my sleeves and help out in the AV Booth. Most of the AV equipment and controls looked vaguely familiar due …

The 125th Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri Read More »

Tonight the Guy Lanie made in 2009 finally met his fiery doom. In Springfield having a bonfire and fireworks at anytime other than July would result in a police visit, so we’ve not been able to burn our Guy. In previous years we’ve hopefully dragged him out to friends only to have the bonfire cancelled at the local fire …

Guy Fawkes Night Read More »

The Addams Family - Musical

Tonight Lanie played Morticia I’m really proud of Lanie. She did an absolutely fantastic job. Once again it was a cracking performance all round. They’ve been working on the show a couple of hours a night, four nights a week since early August. Lanie’s main role was as one of the ‘Ancestors’ – Cleopatra Addams, …

The Addams Family – Lanie as Morticia Read More »

Brass Cross framed in iron by Jim.

Lanie’s third night, and final night as Cleopatra – one of the Addams’ ancestors. Saturday she’ll be playing Morticia.

Tonight we went to see Lanie in the Excellent ‘The Addams Family’ musical. A super performance by everyone.

Jim’s entry into this year’s 6″ cube fund-raiser.

Today I popped into Next to New I’ve been promising to take Nia’s portrait for ages – I wanted one to go on the website.

Vacation Days 27 & 28 – Our last couple of days in the UK and Lanie catches a crab. To finish off our vacation we went back to the dockyard to take in some of the things we didn’t see the first time, but mainly to visit ‘Action Stations’ where Emily works. I’m pretty sure …

Lanie goes Crabbing Read More »

Vacation Day 26 – Family Curry, winding down and getting ready to head back home One final curry before we pack our bags and head back to Missouri in a couple of days time. It was great that our honorary brother Neil could make it, he’d been away most of the month.

A photograph of a Krispy Kreme donut and a cup of coffee

Vacation day 26 – We travel 5,000 miles to find Krispy Kreme donuts at Gunwharf The world is certainly shrinking – but in my opinion there are other donuts that I’d prefer to find in the UK. I remember being very pleased when, by popular demand, we stopped having Krispy Kreme donuts at church and …

Krispy Kreme Read More »

Vacation Day 25 – I think the correct order was a Barbecue then some crafting We’ve already met Bob and Ann, Roy and Jan are also life-long friends. Here’s a picture of us all way back in the early ninties. Roy, Bob and I went to college together. We’ve been through some interesting ‘scrapes’, most …

Some Crafting and a Barbeque Read More »

Photograph of a Gas Engine at the Eastney Gas Engine House, Eastney, Portsmouth

Vacation day 25 – Eastney Gas Engine House and a reminder of the past I’ve not been in here since my dad volunteered to help maintain these engines – so before 1980. They’ve been closed up for years and I never expected them to re-open so I was very surprised when I realised that we …

Eastney Gas Engine House Read More »

Vacation Day 25 – Visit to Eastney Beam Engine House I’ve no idea how many times I’ve visited this place over the years. It was a regular favorite to bring the boys to when they were younger, and my dad worked here as a volunteer. What were these magnificent engines for? … Pumping waste water …

Eastney Beam Engine House, Portsmouth Read More »

Vacation Day 25 – Waiting for the Beam Engine House to Open We had a lot to cram in today. Move digs from our friend Liv’s to my sister’s house, go to church, visit the Eastney Beam Engine House and a barbeque with Roy and Jan. I’d like to say we had another warm welcome …

Lanie at the Eastney Lifeboat Station Read More »

Vacation Day 24 – Our final stop for the day From Bosham we went to Fishbourne Roman Palace – which was very interesting. I thought Lanie would find it boring but she was fascinated to see things she’d previously read about in school. I didn’t take many pictures as I thought the official website would …

Fishbourne Roman Palace Read More »

Vacation Day 24 – Visit to Bosham Holy Trinity Church was well worth a visit. It has a wooden shingle roof, which is quite unusual in the UK. You can read all about the church here. Our friend, the photographically elusive, Liv manages to make a guest appearance in one of these pictures – but …

Holy Trinity Church, Bosham Read More »

Vaction Day 24 – Visit to Bosham. We traveled from Cornwall back to Portsmouth on Thursday, where we stayed with our friend Liv. Friday was spent shopping before meeting up with friends for a drink in the evening. Come Saturday we went off for some sight seeing. And the first stop was Bosham.

Lanie couldn’t turn down the challenge to cross the river on a log.

I have no idea…

I have known Bob since I was sixteen, when he, and another life-long friend, Roy and I were on the same course at college. I’ve known Ann since I was in my early twenties. For over twenty years, we all made a point of getting our families together at least once a year on New …

Our Cornish hosts, Ann and Bob plus Lanie & Ginger Read More »

The river and particularly the area near the falls is chock-a-block with dozens of little stone cairns, just like this one.

Charms hanging on a bush at St. Nectan's Glen
Picture showing the Rock strata at Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

I took Geology at school That’s probably why I couldn’t resist taking this picture of the rock strata on the beach at Widemouth Bay. My geology teacher was also my form teacher in my last year at school. I have a picture of him (along with the rest of my form) here.

Lanie and her (borrowed) board at Widemouth Bay Cornwall

Vacation Day 21 – Not put off by the dreary weather and a complete lack of surf, Lanie managed to persuade Ann to not only lend her a wetsuit top and body board, but, also to take her bodyboarding. Not enthused by the weather – which was slightly drizzling, we followed along later to see …

Lanie Goes Bodyboarding Read More »

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