Oct 13, 2013Youth Lock-out and Camp Shawio Sunday

Roasting S'mores round the campfire
Roasting S’mores round the campfire

With Lanie busy performing in the Little Mermaid, it was begining to look like I wouldn’t be able to attend the Shawio Sunday service or the Youth Group lock-out on Saturday night. A plan for Ginger to drop me off early Saturday afternoon while Lanie was performing and come back and get me after the picnic was over Sunday afternoon, meant I’d be able to help out with the youth and be there for the service and picnic.

Tents and a glow straight from Stephen King's 'The Tommy Knockers'
Tents and a glow straight from Stephen King’s ‘The Tommy Knockers’

At 10:00pm we had a two hpour session of laser tag. I’ve never tried this before, and a simple lesson is the kids have much better night vision than I do. I would have loved to get some time-lapse pictures of the fun and games, but the camera got very wet with dew. So wet it looked like I’d left it under the shower. The camera body is supposed to be ‘weather proof’ – not so the lens. So I took it inside and carefully dried the worst of the moisture off and left it to thoroughly dry out overnight. A strategy that obviously worked as the camera while a little temperamental at first seemed to be okay.

I got to bed shortly after 1:00am. Not bad for a youth event. I’d carefully positioned my tent as far away as possible. Unfortunately the youth chose to put up their tents near mine. Luckily they went to sleep with out too much chattering.

Breakfast at Shawio

Bacon and pancakes – I need say no more – except I took along my stove so I could make a nice cup of coffee to drink in my tent before I got up.

Breakfast - Bacon and pancakes.
Breakfast – Bacon and pancakes.

Shawio Sunday Service

Bob doing sterling work with the Estimate of Giving cards while I mess about taking pictures.
Bob doing sterling work with the Estimate of Giving cards while I mess about taking pictures.

Camp Shawio Picnic

After the picnic and clearing up I had time to put away my tent and then wait to be collected. To pass the time I took a picture of the lodge:

The main building at Camp Shawio
The main building at Camp Shawio

And a few ‘selfies’ I’ve not taken a self portrait in months. It’s a shame I didn’t take my vestry name badge off my hat though, it rather spoils the pictures.


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