Working weekend

Junior Bell Choir
Lanie playing with the Junior Bell Choir

I spent Saturday working on colorizing a book and website illustration, Sunday I was scheduled to usher at church. So, there was no chance to get out and hike or backpack this weekend.

Sunday morning Lanie belatedly announced she was playing in the bell choir. Belatedly being about fifteen minutes before we left for church, which left no time for Ginger to get ready and come with us. Fortunately I was able to desert my usher’s post for a couple of minutes to get a picture of Lanie and the rest of the Bell Choir in action.

After church, I spent more time on the illustration before finally stopping for the weekend.

Next weekend is not going to be any better. Lanie’s away on the Junior High retreat. Normally we drive the kids to the retreat in Kansas City. While they are busy ‘retreating’ we get to spend time camping and kayaking at Lake Truman. This year I have a training day on Saturday, so we are staying home and letting someone else do the driving. Oh well.

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