A Toast to Art

Small welded metal structure featuring berries, leaves, vines and a brass goblet.
A Toast To Art – Jim Davis Copyright © 2013 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Jim and Carol came by this afternoon on one of their regular trips to Springfield. Jim brought with him his latest piece for me to photograph before he submits it for display and then sale in a silent auction in aid of the Ozarks Regional Arts Council.

The rules for submission of an art piece were simple but challenging. The completed piece must fix inside a six inch cube. According to Jim, getting the wine (wax) into the goblet was the hardest part of the whole thing!

While Ginger and Carol dropped Lanie off at church for a weekend retreat in Kansas City (Yay! a child-free weekend!), Jim and I went shopping – man-style. Jim bought some hardware and a set of cushioned floor tiles for his workshop. While he was doing that, I scoped out the pneumatic hoses and fittings as the hose on my compressor is kaput.

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