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Spring Break 2013 – Day 1 Drive to Cheaha Mountain State Park, Alabama

Ginger and lanie at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

No backpacking for us this Spring Break – we’ve got a family wedding in Florida to go to, which is going to involve lots of driving. If we’re lucky we’ll get a chance to do some hiking in Florida.

The first stage of our drive took us past Mammoth Spring Arkansas, and we couldn’t resist stopping to take a look. A short stop became extended when Lanie spotted, and proceeded to run to ground, some poor muskrat.

Photo: Muskrat swimming in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas - www.ozarkswalkabout.com
Muskrat at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas
Lanie sees a Muskrat at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas – It’s sooo cuuute! I want one!
Lanie meets a Muskrat at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

She wasn’t the only one that was distracted. We found an old hydro electric plant that was open to the public, so of course we had to take a look. Taking a picture of me standing by the car has become a bit of a tradition – if you can call doing so on two separate occasions a tradition, so we took another picture this time too.

Ginger and Lanie look over the weir at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas
Gary and Lanie at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

To save cash we’re camping in State parks while we’re travelling, pitching our tent in Ginger’s brother’s backyard and one night in a cheap motel while Lanie gets to stay in the swanky hotel with the wedding party šŸ™‚

The rest of the days drive went off without incident – apart from the omission of not checking which timezone our campground in Cheaha Mountain State Park was in. For a moment there we thought we’d arrive after it had closed for the day. The drive up the mountain in the dark was fun, lots of sharp and sweeping curves. Had we arrived during the daytime, so that I was able to see the steep drop-offs we’d probably have taken it a little bit more slowly…

The camp-hosts, knowing we were arriving late, had already picked a spot for us. Next to a light so we could see to put up our tents! Not what we’d been looking forward to, but, oh well, they had good intentions. At least it meant we were also near to the showers for the morning.

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  1. Ginger, you are so much more descriptive in your post. You should post more often! Both of you have made me want to visit your part of the country and now that Iā€™m retired, I just might do so.