The St Cecilia Choir. Copyright © 2013 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Today is Pentecost (Whitsunday back in the UK) and the last day of three services on a Sunday at Church until the fall. Yay for Sunday lie-ins to come!

There were only four kids in the choir today and Lanie really shined, which was great, because this was her last time singing in the junior choir. As of today I’m not sure what involvement Lanie is going to have at church next year beyond Youth Group. I suggested that she volunteers to acolyte. Shall we just say the suggestion wasn’t met with an overwhelming level of enthusiasm?

I was ushering and also managed to get busy taking pictures, with a baptism, Sunday School helper recognition, and a musical prelude featuring three generations of the same family. For Pentecost we had the Gospel read in different languages. At the 9am service it was English and Chinese (Mandarin). Father Ken did joke that maybe they should have asked me to read it in ‘proper’ English. Only if I had a new pair of glasses. It’s so dark in the church that half the time I can’t read at all.

I have to confess that I didn’t check my calendar before leaving for church. I’d already convinced myself that I was due to be ushering next week. Let’s just say that this usher’s dress code was a tad relaxed. At least I remembered to wear red. On the plus side, if I’m not ushering next weekend maybe we can get away for a couple of days – not that we like to try and get out Memorial Day weekend.

Apart from an afternoon nap I spent the rest of the day processing pictures and playing catch-up here on the blog.

Here’s the remainder of today’s pictures.

Copyright © 2013 Gary Allman, all rights reserved. For Christ Episcopal Church