Year: 2013

Cider Days and The Little Mermaid – The day started with church and camera problems which luckily were resolved by the time we visited Cider Days. Video: 7 minutes. One-minute read, & 5 pictures

Yum. I need say no more.

Lanie is helping out at the Church Cider Days Parking Lot Youth Group Fund Raiser. She’s also performing at Cider Days with the Little Mermaid cast. I grabbed this shot when I dropped her off this morning.

Christ Episcopal Church Springfield, MO - Stewardship Poster

My idea this year was to emphasize just how much the church does and what is at stake if we don’t maintain a healthy level of giving of our time, funds, and experience (time, treasure, talent to use church-speak).

It’s magic how much cleaner the house is now the adults outnumber the children. If we outnumbered the kittehs it’d be almost spotless.

John and Kris Graduate from EfM – Today I got to see my friends John and Kris receive their EfM certificates. Four years, all done. 2 pictures

Lanie & Landon giving their stewardship speeches – Today Lanie (and Landon) delivered speeches at all three services on the topic of giving gratefully. 2 pictures

Spot the octopus – After watching this video the best summary of my thoughts is: ‘perplexed’. Video: 4½ minutes

Many years ago I managed a video/software production department. What the team would have given for access to the technology on show here. Back then cameras were big and expensive, and edit suites bigger and frighteningly expensive. 2 videos, 13 minutes total

I attended an ‘Active Shooter’ training session at church a couple of days ago, I think this should be filed under ‘Things I didn’t expect to learn/discuss at church’.

Another day’s sailing on my friend John’s sailboat – only this time instead of too much wind, we had too little. 5 pictures

Jim and CD.

Labor Day Weekend With The Parents – Saturday, contrary to expectations of a sleep-in, I was up at 6:30 am to accompany Jim to my first Midwest auction. One-minute read, 3 pictures

That’s three words I’ve had to Google today. This is getting far too highbrow for the run up to a holiday weekend. I need a break and a beer already.

Invitation to Ministry and Stewardship Sunday at Christ Church. I wanted to make an invitation/ reminder that people would want to keep around for a while,

Lanie in an Ascend D10 Kayak on the Jame River, Springfield Missouri

A Late Afternoon Paddle on the James River with Lanie – Lanie had a break in her rehearsal schedule, so I thought I’d take her kayaking to get her out and about for a while. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Spent the day with cap’n John getting the boat ready for some real sailing – he has a mainsail. Unfortunately the ‘iron Topsail’ is currently broken, and beyond my knowledge to repair.

So, I can spell pneumatic, but I can’t get ‘hose’ right (hoze) My only excuse has to be that I was subconsciously trying to Webster-ize it.

Small welded metal structure featuring berries, leaves, vines and a brass goblet.

A Toast To Art. Jim and Carol came by this afternoon on one of their regular trips to Springfield. He brought his latest piece for me to photograph. One-minute read

Breakfast meal - steak, mushrooms, vegitables topped off with an egg, sunny side up.

Diet – steak, egg and veggies for breakfast – I’ve been spending far too much time at my desk and not enough time out and about. The lack of exercise has taken it toll, and it’s time to start doing something; reduce my weight and get more exercise.

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