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Ozarks Walkabout Site Badge

I’ve always liked the Ozarks Walkabout logo. Recently we updated the website design so some slight reworking on the logo font was needed. Above is the result.

New Look Website

The new look Ozarks Walkabout Website - www.ozarkswalkabout.com
The new look Ozarks Walkabout Website – www.ozarkswalkabout.com

When I designed the logo I went through all sorts of ideas involving hikers, backpackers, kayakers etc… I was thinking about what quintessentially represented the Ozarks, and I wanted something that could double as a page background. My inspiration eventually came from the view from the Pines Overlook, Red Bluff Campground, near Davisville. I added an iconic conical hill, as they are so representative of the Ozarks.

The original drawing is quite large and forms a repeating horizontal image. I drew it quickly, intending it to be just a proof of concept. However, We liked it so much we decided not to try and tidy it up or change it. Well not much. I’ve tinkered with the colors a little over time. The very first version was a bit too bright.

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