‘of Joy’ Another of Jim’s Sculptures

‘of Joy’ – Jim Davis. Copyright © 2013 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

This afternoon Jim and Carol popped in on one of their regular trips into Springfield. Jim brought his latest sculpture in for me to photograph. It was cold and I didn’t want to try and heat the studio/garage up for a shoot, so I did a quick tabletop shoot. Quick being a relative term as it took a while to get the backdrop in place, and then some playing with a reflector until I was happy enough with the results.

I liked this piece the moment I first saw the pictures Carol sent to us last week. Ginger wasn’t so sure. It’s Jim’s first big move into more abstract art. Up to now his work has been quite representational. This afternoon we chatted about what we liked, and didn’t. Well, they chatted while I set up and took pictures. I processed the pictures straight away so that Jim could see the final images. I have a couple still in the camera that I took outside. Now I just need to get the prints to Jim and that’s the job done.   

Here are the details of the nameplate.

'of Joy' - Jim Davis
Detail – ‘of Joy’ – Jim Davis

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