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Last Sunday at Church

Lanie volunteered to acolyte. Unfortunately I distracted her – this is moments before she forgot to lower the cross to pass through the door.

Sunday July 14 I was scheduled to be an Usher and Lanie wanted to go to church.

When we arrived I went straight into ‘meet and hand hand-out bulletins’ mode, leaving Lanie to find some youth group friends to hang out with. At the start of the service I was surprised to find Lanie all robed up and carrying the second cross. They were an acolyte short and she volunteered to help out – even though she’s not served as an acolyte for over a year.

I decided to try and get a picture of Lanie processing out of the church – I thought Ginger and Carol would appreciate it.

The procession came bowling down the aisle at a fair lick and my fingers had trouble adjusting the exposure as the light increased near the open doors. I ended up with a blurred picture, and a messy background. I decided to try and rescue the picture and this is the result.

Just after I took the picture she smacked the cross into the door frame – forgetting to lower it. My fault – I distracted her. Oops!

An advantage of ushering is that I can take pictures to accompany the sermons. Today I was in luck as Jonathan was delivering the sermon, my ushering and his delivering a sermon had not coincided before, so now I’ve a ‘stock image’ to accompany his sermons (when I finally get round to processing the audio files that is).

Here is my pick of the other pictures I took. They are quite grainy – it is very dark in the church.

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