Mar 10, 2013Cheaha Mountain State Park, Alabama

Cheaha Mountain State Park, Alabama
Cheaha Mountain State Park, Alabama

Spring Break 2013 – Day 2 – Our camp for last night.

Lanie couldn’t be bothered to pitch her tent and slept in the van.

It was a pain being camped right near a light, but it worked out well being close to the showers in the morning.

We were camped near a light because the camp hosts picked our spot for us. Normally we’ll drive around and select the most secluded spot we can find. We let the camp hosts know we’d be arriving late, and not knowing that we are seasoned and fully equipped campers, they put us in a spot with a light so that we would have light to set up camp.

Part way through the drive we realized we didn’t know what time-zone the campsite was in, so we had to pick up the pace in case we had an hour less to get there in time to check-in.  Had it been light I might have driven a bit more slowly up the mountain, because, as we discovered on our way back down, some of the roadside drop offs were impressive.

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