A nice way to start the day

Photos by me :)
Photos by me, not what I was expecting to see this morning

Overnight I had been sent a link to an e-version of the diocese magazine Spirit. This was so I could embed a copy in the diocesan website. Fortunately, that was a simple task. Checking the magazine, I was surprised and very pleased, to find that the pictures I took at the Bishop’s Ball were featured on the cover

and another had been used inside. I knew my pictures were being used – but I had no idea they’d end up on the cover. I must admit I quickly checked my originals just to make sure they were all mine. It was only afterwards that I thought to have a look and see if I had been attributed for the pics, which was when I found the cover text above.

Lanie was mentioned in the Bishop’s Ball article for her ‘Outstanding Youth’ award. Both Lanie (2013) and Alek (2011) have won this award.

So that’s both Ginger and me in print this year. Ginger’s achievement was much better. She wrote the article and took the pictures.

I was surprised to find my pictures on the cover...
And that’s Lanie getting a hug!