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Year: 2013

I think she did a fantastic job, Check it out for yourself [Video 1:24′]

I may need more coffee… It just took me several seconds to realize the reason I couldn’t get my tee shirt on was because I had put my arm through the neck hole.

In the UK chimneys are swept from the bottom up. I might have expected things to be different in the Ozarks…

[Today I swept Tom & Rebbie’s chimney. Tom had an operation on his back a short while ago and doesn’t need to be climbing on roofs.]

Ginger's Blue Bottle Tree in the snow

It’s been snowing so Ginger sent me out to take pictures of the Bottle Trees.

Barefoot in the snow

With temperatures down to 18°F (-8°C) and six-seven inches of snow on the ground, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check how my hiking clothing fared. I also thought it’d be fun to check how well my huaraches and woolen toe socks held up in the conditions.

Every year Christ Church offers a free Thanksgiving Dinner, This year we served up over three hundred meals and handed out one-hundred and twenty-five take home boxes.

Producing the place mat for the Christ Church 2013 Thanksgiving Dinner, came with an added bonus of a lesson I obviously needed to re-learn.

Tubby finds a use for Getzger’s ‘Udder’

Four baptisms today, and I was fortunate to be able to catch this great picture of Fr. Ken lighting a candle among all the watching choir kids. [10 pictures]

Following the diocesan convention I went to the Youth Meeting and took some pictures at the Bishop’s Ball.

I spent a couple of days taking portrait pictures at The Diocese of West Missouri’s annual convention. [9 pictures]

Some pictures from January 2012 rescued from the cutting room floor.

Pre-shoot equipment test, and I asked Ginger to be my stand-in model…

When it was all over and the last photographs had been taken, enough cordless drills and screwdrivers to stock a DIY Depot appeared and the set and scenery was broken down and cleared away.

The final performance of The Little Mermaid is today. We had a spare hour between dropping Lanie off at the theater and when the doors opened. So, Ginger suggested we took advantage of the time to take a new profile picture.

Little Mermaid After Show Pictures

Just before the beginning of term, with no warning or preparation, Lanie decided to audition for The Little Mermaid at Springfield Little Theater. Against some pretty stiff competition she was selected and to her credit has stuck with it with good humor through a rigorous rehearsal and show schedule.

Saturday night youth lock-out followed by a Sunday morning service and picnic at Camp Shawio.

Part 2 in which Getzger is Blessed, has a falling out with his friend Fara, and meets a bunny.

Part 1 – my favorite pictures from this afternoon’s Blessing of the Animals.

Hand made tools by Jim Davis

Jim’s Hand-made Tools – A picture of the tool display Jim has been showing in Springfield this weekend. [2 pictures]

Busy day – ‘commissioned’ in the Parish Council, a camera malfunction, and watching a few numbers from the Little Mermaid at Cider Days.

Yum. I need say no more.

Lanie is helping out at the Church Cider Days Parking Lot Youth Group Fund Raiser. She’s also performing at Cider Days with the Little Mermaid cast. I grabbed this shot when I dropped her off this morning.

Christ Episcopal Church Springfield, MO - Stewardship Poster

My idea this year was to emphasize just how much the church does and what is at stake if we don’t maintain a healthy level of giving of our time, funds, and experience (time, treasure, talent to use church-speak).

It’s magic how much cleaner the house is now the adults outnumber the children. If we outnumbered the kittehs it’d be almost spotless.

Today I got to see my friends John and Kris receive their EfM certificates. Four years, all done.

Today Lanie (and Landon) delivered speeches at all three services on the topic of giving gratefully.

After watching this video the best summary of my thoughts is: ‘perplexed’.

Many years ago I managed a video/software production department. What the team would have given for access to the technology on show here. Back then cameras were big and expensive, and edit suites bigger and frighteningly expensive.

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