Year: 2012

Stewardship Campaign 2012 – Facebook promotion Week 2

First poster for the 2012 Stewardship campaign.

This picture appeared in print on the cover of a camping brochure and on the Tiso website as an advertisement.

welded steel coat rack

Welded steel coat rack – yet another of Jim’s creations. I’m slowly trying to fill it with hats despite being banned from doing so…

Cooling off in a pool on Woods Fork – Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area. Birthday solo backpacking for a couple of days at Busiek.

gary Allman in the Mark Twain National Forest at Piney Creek Wilderness Missouri.

Do You Know Pete Best? — A chance meeting with locals looking for directions on a remote Ozarks farm road. Two-minute read

Katie’s last high school orchestra concert – Jim, Carol, Lanie and Emilie joined us to watch Katie’s final high school concert. 5 pictures

Blufff topped by trees, showing the rough texture, and a dead tree in the water at Lake Truman Missouri

This was the last bit of the shore we examined before heading back to the campground.

Ascend D10 & Ascend FS10 Kayaks at Berry Bend, Harry S Truman Reservoir – The dew and the quality of the light caught my eye.

This was our view of Truman lake first thing Saturday morning. Wonderful. Ginger got a better picture of this, but I’m quite happy with this image.

Hiking the Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Choices: Hiking the Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area – The Silver trail loops here. 11 pictures

Resting on the trail out from Piney Creek Wilderness

It was hot and record temperatures were predicted. So, after filtering enough water to last us our hike back to the trailhead I decided that I’d lie in the creek a while and get soaked before we started climbing the 600+ feet out of the wilderness. +1

Sunshine on Table Rock Lake, seen from Piney Creek Wilderness

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness. 3 pictures

I spotted this dandelion and it reminded me of a picture I took of my son Robert while on vacation in Scotland over twenty years ago.

Bell Mountain Wilderness – Eager to find a new sort of ground to cover, we turned our attention to the St. Francois Mountain area, and Bell Mountain in particular for our Spring Break trip. Post by Ginger. Trip write-up: Five-minute read, 22 pictures

Photographing paintings and prints sounds like it should be simple. In fact it is a specialized area, requiring skill and patience

Katie – pictures rescued from the cutting room floor – I found these pictures in 2015 and thought they’d be worth processing and sharing. 4 pictures

Lanie (January 2012) – Some pictures from January 2012 rescued from the cutting room floor. 9 Pictures

Katie and Lanie in all their Bishop’s Ball finery. 3 pictures

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