Cutting Wood

Tom, pick-up, trailer, and a good morning's work
Tom, pick-up, trailer, and a good morning’s work
Saturday morning I helped Tom get firewood for their wood burning furnace.

Tom wielded the chainsaw and did his share of splitting logs, while I split logs with the ‘yellow peril’ as we call my bright yellow handled splitting maul. Cutting and splitting the wood is only half the job. It also has to be loaded, unloaded and stacked – a killer for your back.

The weather was glorious and not too warm which was good. It took a few hours to cut and split enough wood to fill the back of the pickup and the trailer.

If you look very closely you’ll notice that the trailer’s support leg is at a very funny angle. I’m not supposed to mention that. Tom forgot to raise it when he picked the trailer up the previous evening. I also probably shouldn’t mention the very ‘Ozark’ method we employed to straighten it. It’s best just to say that it involved a very large power pole, a ‘come-along’ and some very large straps. It worked though!