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Thursday (365:055)

My day might have been simpler if I’d studied the right lesson in the first place,

so I had to study two. At least I’ve covered most of the ground for next week’s work already. Class and late-night shopping tonight. Have I said how much I really enjoy my EFM class?

This picture didn’t turn out at all as I intended. I sat and had a think about what I did to finish up with a picture far removed from my original intention. I finally worked it out but didn’t see the need to go back and redo the picture. This will do. I just need to remember my errors, which were very simple, I just needed a higher ISO setting and faster shutter speed. Changing the focus point might have helped, but with the misbehaving autofocus that’s doubtful.

There’s just enough time now to post my shots before heading off to bed.   

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