This is how I avoided getting eye strain today (365:277)

This is how I avoided getting eye strain today

Well it worked.

I spent the day processing pictures – a slow job until I get a faster computer. After getting the kids from school we took Alek and Katie to a career fair. Having made sure that they were actually asking questions and collecting information, Lanie and I went to the library. I couldn’t find a book that took my fancy before being called to go back and collect the big kids.

I spent the remainder of the evening working on picture processing, taking a break to chat with Ginger on the ‘phone (love you honey) before processing more pictures until I decided to call it quits and take today’s picture. I’ve always fancied playing with backlights and hair lights, so that’s what I did this evening. While I was at it I thought I’d show off my funky goggles too.

I seem be be having problems with the skin tones on this camera – I end up with a lot of post processing to try and improve them. So this morning (5 October) I took some simple shots and did some direct comparisons – subject to chimped image and subject to the image on the monitor (which is colour balanced). The results showed some ever so slight but acceptable red/orange tones in places where the actual tone was less red/orange. I tried both manual white balance and auto white balance – interestingly the later was actually better. More research is needed, but the evidence to date is that the camera’s doing its job. That’s not necessarily true for the photographer’s post processing.

Note: image re-edited in Lightroom December 2014.

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