The owl over my shoulder (365:015)

Gary at Bass Pro by Gary Allman
Gary at Bass Pro. Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Resides at Bass Pro. The women folk were off baby showering today.

Jim and Carol (Ginger’s parents) came into Springfield today so that all the IDA girls could go to cousin Betsy’s baby shower. People with Y chromosomes weren’t welcome, which suited Jim and I, we went off and did some shopping chores, spent far too much time in Bass Pro, and went on for a Mexican at our favorite restaurant – Amigos. After lunch we returned home, and as the girls still weren’t back we went back out to a flea market. There was lots of old UK furniture and stuff, which was rather disconcerting for me. I also spotted a rather nice Yashica-MAT EM 120 camera. I’m glad to report I kept my money in my pocket despite being sorely tempted.

At Bass Pro I took a couple of pictures for Jim, one of an owl sculpture came out fairly well. I also took a couple of self-portraits too. I prefer this one even though it’s blurred (The Nikon is too heavy for arm’s length SPs at slow shutter speeds). Later on, at the flea market, I tried to get a shot of Jim and me in a mirror; I failed miserably, the shutter speed was far too slow and the result was all blurred. That was a shame as Jim tends to get all serious when a camera is pointed at him, and I caught both of us with big grins.

Today’s Out takes & extras

Gary at Bass Pro
Bass Pro Owl

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.