Tedious (365:251)


This 365 days project is a bit tedious at the moment

Probably a reflection on my life, which involves not a lot more than sitting at a screen slogging away for 10-12 hours a day. Not a lot of room for photographic excellence there. Even worse I sit up late in the vain hope that some inspiration will strike, then dash off a half-hearted quickie like this just before bed.

I was so immersed in whatever research / writing / reading I was doing this afternoon I forgot to go to the Thursday service. But I did get to go out at eight pm for an hour or so with a friend. The bar we picked was too noisy inside to chat, so we sat outside – where there was a band. Oh well. It was also dark outside so I didn’t try for a picture.

Today’s picture involved a very lazy set-up – it was coming on for 12 O’clock, so I’ll cut myself a little slack. I didn’t bother to diffuse the fill light and it shows in the harsher shadows around my hand.

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